Welcome to the II4 CEO Summit 2019: Embracing Digital Transformation

Start-Up Nation Central and Grove Ventures are pleased to invite you to the II4 CEO Summit: Embracing Digital Transformation. Join us for an exclusive event featuring leading figures, inspiring table discussions, and valuable B2B sessions with start-ups showcasing their latest breakthroughs.

The Israel Industry 4.0 sector comprises more than 200 companies, with over $344M in venture capital funding in 2018 alone....

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Emmanuel Lagarrigue

Chief Strategy Officer, Schneider Electric

Emmanuel Lagarrigue

Chief Strategy Officer, Schneider Electric

Emmanuel Lagarrigue is the Chief Innovation Officer of Schneider Electric and a member of its Global Executive Committee. His mission is to create new profitable growth platforms for the company and to drive a culture of open and collaborative innovation. He has the direct responsibility Schneider Electric’s Corporate Ventures, Electromobility, Solar Power and China Energy Transition Hub units. He is also directly involved in the creation of new joint ventures with other large institutions across the world. Emmanuel was previously the Chief Strategy Officer of the company. He also held multiple operational and general management positions within Schneider Electric in Europe, South America, Asia and the United States.

Emmanuel graduated from IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain and from ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France.

Toshiya Sano

General Manager of the TLV Office, Marubeni Corporation

Toshiya Sano

General Manager of the TLV Office, Marubeni Corporation

Toshiya Sano is Marubeni Corporation’s Tel Aviv office General Manager, in charge of digital innovation. Sano has been working for Marubeni since 1986, entering the company upon his graduation from Niigata University (majoring in Economics) and started the career from Finance Department. After 8 years he was shifted to Overseas Power Plant Business Department.

Throughout his career in Marubeni, Sano has served in diverse managerial positions all over the world for the company’s Power Business and Plant Group. These positions include those of general manager in Singapore’s Power Project Office and general manager of the Bangladesh Branch office as well as Bangladesh Power Project Office.

Since April 2018, Sano has been an integral part of establishing the company’s Tel-Aviv digital innovation office which aims to find and co-operate with Israeli high-tech companies holding ground-breaking and disruptive technologies in various fields such as cyber-security, agri-tech and others. As general manager of the Tel-Aviv office Sano maintains a close connection with the company’s global digital innovation network which includes offices in strategic locations such as Tokyo, Silicon Valley, Shenzhen (China), Singapore, New York, London and more.

Prof. Eugene Kandel

CEO, Start-Up Nation Central

Prof. Eugene Kandel

CEO, Start-Up Nation Central

Prof. Eugene Kandel is the CEO of Start-Up Nation Central. He holds a BA and an MA from the Hebrew University, and an MBA and a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago.  He is an Emil Spyer Professor of Economics and Finance at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Prof Kandel’s primary area of academic expertise is Financial Markets, Financial Intermediaries and Corporate Governance. His research was published in the world leading Finance and Economics journals. Prof. Kandel is a member of the Center for the Study of Rationality at the Hebrew University, a Research Fellow of the Center for Economic Policy and Research in London, and a Fellow of the European Corporate Governance Institute, and served as Editor and Associate Editor of several leading Finance journals.

Dov Moran

Managing Partner, Grove Ventures Inventor, USB drive

Dov Moran

Managing Partner, Grove Ventures Inventor, USB drive

Dov is the managing partner of Grove Ventures and is known as a pioneer of several flash memory technologies, most notably as the inventor of the USB flash drive. He was a founder and CEO of M-Systems (NSDQ: FLSH), a world leader in the flash data storage market. Under Dov's leadership, M-Systems grew to $1B revenue, and was acquired by SanDisk Corp (NSDQ: SNDK) for $1.6B.

Dov has invested in many successful start-ups in the digital health, media, SaaS and IoT sectors. He currently serves on the boards of Glucome, Rapid API, TriEye and Neuroblade, and was previously the Chairman of Tower Semiconductors (NASDAQ:TSEM).

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa.

David Gilmour

Vice President, Business Development at BP Group Technology

David Gilmour

Vice President, Business Development at BP Group Technology

After graduating with MA, D.Phil in Inorganic Chemistry from Oxford University in 1986, David joined ICI Paints asa chemist formulating paint for use in the automotive crash-repair industry.David moved into product and brand management and into key account management with the major automotive companies. In 1996, David joined Burmah Castrol torun the Marine lubricants business in the UK and stayed for the next 12 years as the business became the leading player in the marine lubricants industry.  During this time David held a number of different roles as Marketing and Technology Director, Strategy Director, Performance UnitLeader and Global Sales Director.

In 2009, David joined Air BP as Chief Operating Officer, overseeing major transformation, including driving innovation through new partnerships and venturing. In 2016, David joined group technology, with responsibility for BP Ventures, technology commercialisation& strategy, planning and communications. David has been instrumental in BP’s strategic decision to increase its venturing activities in support of the company’s transition to lower carbon, and is now accountable for venturing investments.

David is married to Amanda and has three children, Matthew, Jonathan and Natalie and is based in Windsor, UK.

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Opening Remarks

Dov Moran, Managing Partner at Grove Ventures, and Prof. Eugene Kandel, CEO at Start-Up Nation Central

Fireside chat

Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Chief Strategy Officer at Schneider Electric - Member of the Executive Committee

Panel discussion: Productivity and operations-driven initiatives vs. innovation-driven efforts

As organizations are moving towards digital transformation, they are utilizing Industry 4.0 technologies to improve what they are already doing; many of their processes are driven by productivity and operations goals (efficiency, eliminating bottlenecks in the production line), but innovation-driven initiatives are also very valuable even if the ROI takes longer to actualize. In this panel, we will discuss how manufacturers use both of these drivers when looking into the future of manufacturing.

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Cybersecurity Panel

While the rapid adoption of Industry 4.0 by manufacturers makes the industrial sector more efficient, smart and interconnected, it also makes the industry much more vulnerable to cyberattacks that now have far more extensive effects than ever before. As one of the leading innovation verticals in Israel, cybersecurity entrepreneurs are now aiming to solve these risks and advance the industry's ability of manufacturers to implement advance Industry 4.0 solutions.


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