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Build relationships by networking with the Israeli Industry 4.0 community
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Start-Up Nation Central and Grove Ventures are happy to invite you to join the Industry 4.0 Global Leaders Summit, a first-of-its-kind virtual interactive event that brings together global investors, multinational corporations, and hundreds of Israeli Industry 4.0 technologies from all verticals

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What our Partners Think

Israel is known as the “Start-Up Nation Central” for its entrepreneurial culture, innovative ecosystem, and start-up success stories -  so it’s no surprise that it’s a major international hub for Industry 4.0 innovation. Here is what The Industry 4.0 Global Leaders Summit is a meeting point for investors, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from all over the world.
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Emmanuel Lagarrigue
Emmanuel Lagarrigue
Chief Innovation Officer, Schneider Electric
The Israel Innovation ecosystem of entrepreneurs and partners will continue to play a significant role in the global Industry 4.0 transformation.
Rob Barger
Rob Barger
Chief Digital Officer, Georgia Pacific
The quality of entrepreneurs and overall dynamism of the scene is impressive and the Start-Up Nation Central team does a great job matchmaking, assisting with logistics and ensuring you spend your time wisely.
Alrick Danielson
Alrick Danielson
Israel has become the buzzwords of the world to find talents and to make something out of ideas. We, at SKF, have found in Israel what we were looking for. SKF AI is today in Haifa.
Giovanni Bechini
Giovanni Bechini
Head of Engineering Platforms & Analytics, Siemens Power Generation Services
We see Israel as a perfect incubator for Startups and we found here what we were looking for: a technology that goes beyond our traditional boundaries.
Kurt Kaltenegger
Kurt Kaltenegger
Head of Ventures, ABB
Israel is a hotspot of innovation where we can find exactly the stat-ups/technologies we are looking to invest in and in all the sectors we are interested in: automation, AI, Iro Security,..
 Andreas Widl
Andreas Widl
CEO, Samson
It’s a fantastic synergy from German Mittlestand – we know production -  and Israeli Startups – you know digitalization – The result is the increase of our activity by 30% per machine.
Yochai Gafni
Yochai Gafni
Managing Director, Dow Israel
We think that Israeli startups are able to deliver the value that we are looking for. The work with Mobideo helped to scale and create the credibility for the entire ecosystem in Israel.

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The Industry 4.0 Leaders Summit is brought to you by Start-Up Nation Central, an independent non-profit that builds bridges to Israeli innovation, together with Grove Ventures, an Israel-based early-stage deep technology VC fund, this is truly an event you don’t want to miss.